Cytotec Online: How to Lick an Ice Cream

Whether summers or winters, any day can be an ice cream day. Like you, it’s very difficult for me also though I am well-aware of its openness to microbial contamination from various sources.

Life is like an Ice Cream Cone; you have to lick it one day at a time.

Let’ talk about how to contain microbial contamination before moving to lick a new flavor of ice-cream.

It contaminates during manufacturing, packaging, and distribution process. Many species of microorganisms, including pathogenic and toxin-producing, may gain entry into ice cream. They can grow in the product when exposed to atmospheric temperatures, thus rendering the product potentially harmful to human consumption.

It is, therefore, imperative that:

1) High standards of sanitation should be maintained at all stages from production to distribution;

2) The product mix before freezing should be subjected to efficient pasteurization treatment to destroy all pathogens;

3) The ingredients like fruits, nuts, etc., added to the product mix after pasteurization should be of high quality and processed properly to cut the microbiological load in the final product;

4) Adequate precautions and Standards for hygiene are necessary to prevent contamination of the product during it’s freezing, packaging, storage, and distribution;

5) All persons engaged in the manufacturing process and supply chain should have adequate awareness and should practice a high standard of hygiene.

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Few Steps to shun Bacterial Growth during Manufacturing

  • Heat the product mix and pasteurized in less than an hour to control the bacterial growth. The pasteurized mix cooled and stored at a temperature of 4.5-degree centigrade within one and a half hours of heat treatment.
  • The dry colors dissolve in hot water at eighty-degree centigrade and then stored at four-degree centigrade. Air, a prominent ingredient of the product, passed through suitable sterile filters while incorporating in ice cream.
  • Few Steps to shun Bacterial Growth during Distribution

We should choose a licensed ice cream vendor who maintains at least minus five-degree centigrade temperature in his pushcart. He should periodically immerse his Ice cream scoops or other appliances in hot water, maintained at a temperature of eighty-degree centigrade, or in bacterial solution.

The person selling or handling ice cream should be healthy and free from infectious disease. They should wear clean clothes and observe strict hygienic practices. You should not prefer an Ice cream in broken or open condition should be discarded. Melted ice cream during storage can only be used after its re-pasteurization.