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TGP The Generics Pharmacy
Address: #114 PANTOK ST., BINANGONAN RIZAL, Binangonan,, RIZAL, 1940 Rizal, Philippines | Website:

I haven’t had a bad experience here. They fill prescriptions promptly, usually within 20 or 30 minutes, and Stromectol prices are cheap (if you are a member of the TGP The Generics Pharmacy savings club; otherwise, expect to pay way more than you ever expected for prescriptions.) It’s a little difficult to access with the current construction, but you can still get in there fairly easily without worrying about causing an accident.

I come to this location because it is near my house. I have been coming for a long time and mostly to order Ivermectin online. It’s they need someone just to answer the phone for the pharmacy. I always wait about 10 min before someone answers, and then when they answer, some of them have an attitude, not everyone. I should have the attitude of waiting so long. When I come through the drive-through to pick up, it is another minute’s waiting. When they say the prescriptions are ready, they should and have to wait for them to get it ready.

Mercury Drug Binangonan (Pantok)
Address: Manila E Rd, Pantok, Binangonan, 1940 Rizal, Philippines | Phone: +63 2 8650 6048 | Website:

Dara whos the manager of this store is the stupendously awesome, tremendously customer-friendly manager I’ve ever come across. I would recommend management to promote her to the next level and credit her for all her hard work and commitment, and sincerity towards her job. Appreciate all her help with Stromectol for sale.

This Mercury Drug Binangonan (Pantok) is amazing. I called them before the holiday weekend desperate for meds for my pup, and although they don’t normally do same-day service, they helped me out because it was an emergency. I cannot say enough amazing things about them! They may have saved my baby’s life. Its the only place where you can buy ivermectin for humans.

Generika Drugstore
Address: 33 Manuel L. Quezon Street corner Zamora Street, Barangay Libid, Binangonan, Binangonan, 1940 Rizal, Philippines | Phone: +63 2 8997 6184 | Website:

The pharmacist Amit was amazing!!! My husband and I called 30 minutes before they closed to refill a prescription we didn’t have the Rx number for. We made it to Generika Drugstore 10 minutes before they closed and Amit and his pharmacy tech had the prescription ready!!!! It was only the two of them, and they were working very hard! They went above and beyond for us at our last-minute refill request! 5 star worthy!

One star is even too many for this place! They never answer the phone and don’t care about their patients. I went on Saturday to pick up a prescription. I called in on Thursday just to find out they don’t accept Anthem BCBS anymore. You would think they would at least give me a call since my prescription is VERY expensive without insurance, and my life literally depends on me taking it. No call, no nothing.

Address: G/F CENTRAL MALL QUARRY ROAD BRGY, Binangonan, 1940 Rizal, Philippines | Phone: +63 923 635 6904 | Website:

I wish I had found this business sooner! I was able to get my second Covid vaccine here, buy Stromectol online much closer to home than the first. Clean, calm atmosphere, open, airy, professional, courteous, caring. I definitely felt like I was getting individual attention, not just being treated like a number.

I had to go here to get a prescription because my kid’s mother uses SOUTHSTAR DRUG. I first went inside and stood in line for 30 minutes. Then I was told it’d take another 30 minutes for my kid’s prescription to be filled. They recommend I take the drive-through line to pick up. So I did. Another 45 minutes of waiting behind 4 cars there, and I got what I needed. They didn’t have a line full of people getting covid tests or nothing. They were just not moving at a fast pace at all. Very frustrated with this location. Do not recommend. Just go to Walmart, people.